Why You Should Hire a Professional Waukesha Carpet Cleaner

Purchasing carpet for your home is a major investment and ideally a long-term commitment considering the cost.

In order to get the most value and use out of your carpet, you will want to perform regular maintenance, including general cleanup, routine vacuuming, speedy spot removal and even hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha at least once every 6-18 months.

There are many reasons we recommend professional carpet cleaning, not just that it will make your carpets look beautiful and brand new:

Professional cleaning prolongs the life of carpet. Leaving dirt and other debris in a carpet can drastically reduce its durability. The Chem-Dry Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) method can increase the life of carpets significantly and protect your investment. The HCE has received the Carpet & Rug Institute Platinum Seal of Approval and is recognized as a first-class process for removing dirt, grime and grease from commercial and residential carpet.

Clean carpets enhance indoor air quality. Unlike tile or hardwood floor, carpets trap airborne pollutants instead of recirculating them through the air. However, eventually those pollutants must be extracted from the carpet in order to maintain its durability and ensure excellent air quality in your home or business.

Clean carpets are easier to take care of. Professional carpet cleaners extract most soiling and residue from the carpet. This means that your routine maintenance will likely only require the removal of dry dirt and debris that can be easily vacuumed from the carpet. Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog recommends Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield since their drier, carbonated methods require no soap, eliminating the chance of leaving any sticky residue behind.

Removes spots and stains. There are a lot of typical carpet spots that can be removed with some simple stain removal tips and methods, but others require a bit more effort and attention. That’s where professional carpet cleaners can help. Their equipment and expertise prepares them for the toughest stains, including red wine, coffee, pet urine and more.

Removes allergens, mold and bacteria. Dirty carpets can be the home to several allergens and molds. Deep carpet cleaning can eliminate the buildup of that bacteria, resulting in a healthier home for you and your family. However, be sure to hire a carpet cleaner that uses low-moisture methods like Champion Chem-Dry. If too much moisture is left behind in your carpet after the cleaner leaves, it is much more likely to lead to mold, dust mites, mildew and other bacteria growth.

Maintains the carpet’s warranty. Most carpet manufacturer and retailer warranties require that carpets be professionally cleaned pretty regularly, usually every 6 to 18 months or so.

Clean and fresh. And of course, carpet cleaning from a professional enhances the appearance of any room. Clean carpets make for a beautiful and healthier home for you and your family.

When is the last time you had your carpet deep cleaned? Champion Chem-Dry is waiting for your call at (414) 545-7900 and ready to provide you with greener, drier, cleaner and healthier methods and serves Waukesha, Racine, Milwaukee and surrounding Wisconsin cities.

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