Carpet Cleaning Tip: Test for Colorfast

Just as no two stains are the same, no two carpets are the same either. A spot removal method that worked well on your synthetic carpet likely won’t work as well on your wool carpet. And sometimes, in attempting to clean a stain, you can actually make it much worse.

For example, scrubbing instead of blotting can permanently damage the carpet and press the stain even further into the fibers.

You can also make the situation worse if the solution or cleaning product you attempt to use causes the color dyes in your carpet to bleed and spread across the stain and further out. This can cause permanent damage, but it can be avoided too. In order to be sure the dye in your carpet won’t bleed when a cleaning solution or chemical is applied, test a different area of the carpet first.

What you are testing is whether your carpet is Colorfast or not. Colorfast carpet dyes are able to retain their hue even if exposed to moisture, light, heat or cleaning products.

The best option, if possible, is to test a carpet sample if you have one in your home. Sometimes there is excess carpet left behind from the installers that you can keep in your basement or another storage area in your home. If you still have remnants of the carpet in your home, use that for the Colorfast test.

Otherwise, you will want to find a more discrete area of the installed carpet to test. Perhaps in a corner of a room or under a piece of furniture you are unlikely to move very often. While the hope is that the carpet will be Colorfast, if not, you won’t damage a focal point of the carpet as part of your test and it’s better to see bleeding occur in a discrete area of the carpet rather than in the traffic area the original stain likely occurred in.

To perform the test, apply a couple of drops of the solution or cleaning chemical to the test area and then hold a white cloth or paper towel on the area for about 10 seconds. Examine both the cloth and the carpet. If color transferred onto the cloth or if there is a noticeable color change or damage to the carpet, don’t use that product and test another one.

If you aren’t confident in your ability to remove the stain, stop and call a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha. Champion Chem-Dry of Brookfield guarantees that “if they can’t remove a stain, no one can!” and is confident in their claim after nearly 20 years in the industry.

Champion Chem-Dry has seen fantastic results with wine stains, coffee stains and even pet urine odor removal and uses green cleaning and industry-recognized methods to achieve their results.

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Carpet Cleaning Tip: Blot, Don’t Scrub!

When it comes to keeping your carpet clean, dirt and spot prevention should be the number one focus, which can be partially achieved by implementing a “no-shoes” rule in your home as well as strategically placing door mats near the front and back door.

However, 100% prevention isn’t possible as dirt and spills are inevitable, after all, you still do have to live in your home and accidents do happen, particularly in homes with pets and children.

When a spill occurs, there is one consistent spot removal step you won’t want to forget: Blot, don’t scrub!

It might be tempting to attack a stain with vigorous scrubbing, but for carpet stains, elbow grease isn’t the answer. Scrubbing a stain can actually push and grind the dirt or liquid deeper into the carpet fibers. Scrubbing can also deteriorate some of the carpet’s natural resiliency and durability and can cause fraying, which will only lead to worse stains and lower quality down the road.

Instead, you want to gently blot all stains using a dry white cloth or paper towel. Try to avoid cloths and napkins that have bright colors or patterns as there is a chance the printing will bleed into the stain and only worsen the issue and absolutely avoid brushes or scrub pads at all times.

Simply take the cloth and dab the exterior of the stain. Start on the outside and push toward the center of the stain with the heel of your hand so that the stain doesn’t spread further than it already has. Once the spot of the cloth is completely wet or covered in the spill, switch to a drier area and continue the process. If need be, use multiple towels until the stain is 100% gone or dry.

If the stain is dry, but still present, you will want to moisten a new towel with some water or try a green cleaning solution like white vinegar or baking soda. Search Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog for the recommended methods and solutions for removing wine, coffee, pet urine and other common household stains.

If the stain persists, it might require professional attention. Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog recommends Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield for all carpet cleaning services.

The concept of blotting stains is similar to the Chem-Dry methods of carpet cleaning. Champion Chem-Dry technicians apply a light prespray to dirty carpet and stains and then run a buffer pad over the areas to soak up and whisk away the dirt and grime present in your carpet. It’s a very gentle, yet powerful, cleaning service that’s seen great results in Waukesha, Brookfield, Pewaukee and surrounding Wisconsin cities.

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Busting Carpet Cleaning Myths: Part 1

Believe it or not, not everything you read or see on the internet is true. For example, there are countless misconceptions online about the possible negative effects of carpet cleaning and the necessity to hire professional carpet cleaners on a regular basis.

Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog intends to dispel some of those untruths with further examination of the more popular carpet cleaning myths you will find online today. Doing so should instill confidence in the industry and encourage routine professional cleaning to preserve the quality of the carpet in your home.

Myth: Only Clean Your Carpet When it Looks Dirty

False. While it’s natural to assume that if something doesn’t appear dirty, it isn’t dirty, in the case of carpet that is rarely true. Carpet acts as a filter in your home, trapping a variety of allergens, toxins, oils and soils that aren’t always easy to see from the surface. The longer the unseen dirt and contaminants remain in carpet the more it wears down the durability and color of the fibers.

Leaving unseen dirt in your carpet not only harms it but it can also jeopardize the air quality in your home and lead to unwanted consequences related to respiratory conditions for both pets and humans in your home.

We recommend calling a cleaner like Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield at least once every 12-18 months regardless of how dirty your carpet might appear on the surface.

Myth: Cleaning Carpet Too Much Hurts It

False again. There is no such thing as having your carpet cleaned too often. The more a carpet is cleaned and cared for the longer it will retain its value, color and durability. We recommend routine cleaning on a schedule that fits your family’s budget.

Myth: Why Pay a Professional When I Can Do it Myself?

There is no replacing the equipment and expertise professional carpet cleaners provide. There are carpet cleaner machines available for rent or purchase that do a sufficient job in surface level cleaning and some stain removal, but are not powerful enough to deep clean carpet. Similar to the first myth, your carpet might appear clean on the surface after using a machine, but it is unlikely that the toxins, dirt and contaminants near the pad were completely removed.

These are just a few of the myths you will find about carpet cleaning online. Truthfully, if you have carpet in your home you will want to ignore the myths and hire a professional on a fairly regular basis to ensure your carpet lasts as long as it is supposed.

Champion Chem-Dry provides green cleaning methods free of harsh chemicals, excessive moisture and high temperatures that can harm carpet. Their deep cleaning service using carbonated cleaning solutions offers the best results in Waukesha while the carpet dries within 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days. Call them today at (414) 545-7900 for an estimate.

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How Often Should You Have Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Carpet is an investment and like most investments it requires constant care and attention in order to maintain its quality. Without proper care carpet will deteriorate at a much faster rate.

To properly maintain your carpet you will want to vacuum regularly, treat spots immediately and have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every 12-18 months. You might even want to consider having higher traffic areas cleaned once every 6 months due to the wear and tear that foot traffic can have on carpet fibers.

The longer you wait to call a professional carpet cleaner, the more time you allow dry soils, dirt, grime, toxins and allergens to accumulate in your carpet. Built up soil within carpet causes the fibers to wear and take on a dingy hue whereas the toxins and allergens reduce air quality in your home and potentially lead to unwanted health issues.

Most of the dirt and contaminants within carpet are unseen by the naked human eye. Therefore, we don’t recommend waiting until carpet is noticeably dirty to call a carpet cleaner as the evident dirt likely means that most of the damage has already been done. For serious stains such as red wine, bleach or pet urine, you will want to call a local carpet cleaner immediately.

Once there has been permanent damage, carpet will tend to appear dirty shortly after a carpet cleaning service has left and will require either more carpet cleaning appointments or installing new carpet. Both can be costly and both can be avoided.

Another consequence of delaying professional carpet cleaning is that it could possibly void the manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties require regular cleaning in order to remain eligible since regular cleaning helps maintain factory installed stain-resistant treatments.

By maintaining scheduled carpet cleaning appointments throughout the year, you can assure your carpet is receiving the proper attention needed to prevent permanent discoloration, wear or damage. There is simply no such thing as having your carpet cleaned too often.

Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield offers a green cleaning service, free of harsh chemicals, excess moisture and extreme water temperatures in order to provide the best carpet cleaning in Waukesha. Their drier techniques preserve the long-term quality of the carpet and have been recognized with the Carpet & Rug Institute Platinum Seal of Approval.

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