How Often Should You Have Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Carpet is an investment and like most investments it requires constant care and attention in order to maintain its quality. Without proper care carpet will deteriorate at a much faster rate.

To properly maintain your carpet you will want to vacuum regularly, treat spots immediately and have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once every 12-18 months. You might even want to consider having higher traffic areas cleaned once every 6 months due to the wear and tear that foot traffic can have on carpet fibers.

The longer you wait to call a professional carpet cleaner, the more time you allow dry soils, dirt, grime, toxins and allergens to accumulate in your carpet. Built up soil within carpet causes the fibers to wear and take on a dingy hue whereas the toxins and allergens reduce air quality in your home and potentially lead to unwanted health issues.

Most of the dirt and contaminants within carpet are unseen by the naked human eye. Therefore, we don’t recommend waiting until carpet is noticeably dirty to call a carpet cleaner as the evident dirt likely means that most of the damage has already been done. For serious stains such as red wine, bleach or pet urine, you will want to call a local carpet cleaner immediately.

Once there has been permanent damage, carpet will tend to appear dirty shortly after a carpet cleaning service has left and will require either more carpet cleaning appointments or installing new carpet. Both can be costly and both can be avoided.

Another consequence of delaying professional carpet cleaning is that it could possibly void the manufacturer’s warranty. Most warranties require regular cleaning in order to remain eligible since regular cleaning helps maintain factory installed stain-resistant treatments.

By maintaining scheduled carpet cleaning appointments throughout the year, you can assure your carpet is receiving the proper attention needed to prevent permanent discoloration, wear or damage. There is simply no such thing as having your carpet cleaned too often.

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