Housetraining Your Puppy and Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Puppies are adorable. Their messes are not. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much a fact of owning a dog that there will be one or two “accidents” when a new pet is welcomed into your home.

While shedding and pet hair is an almost permanent cleanup requirement of owning a dog, cleaning up pet urine doesn’t have to be if you properly house train your puppy as soon as possible.

Housetraining a puppy will help your pet understand where it should go to the bathroom and how to signal you and your family that it’s time for them to go outdoors to do their business, instead of them just finding a discrete carpeted location in your home.

Here are some helpful housetraining tips to protect your home and your carpet from your new puppy and harmful pet urine stains:


You will want to establish a routine for housetraining your puppy and understand when the times are that your pet will most likely need to go to the bathroom. Puppies usually need to go to the bathroom right after they wake up in the morning, right before they go to bed and within 15 minutes or so after eating or drinking.

Therefore, have a leash ready at these times and take the puppy outdoors to a designated spot that they will start to associate with going to the bathroom. You will have to be patient as the puppy won’t go on command, but knowing the appropriate times to try to train should save you time in the long run.

Plan on going outdoors with your puppy at least once every two hours during the first couple of weeks or months.

Positive Reinforcement

Puppies respond much better to positive reinforcement than negative. Don’t scream at your dog or hit them if they have an accident inside, but be sure to praise them and even give them a treat or two when they do go to the bathroom outdoors in the designated area.

Spay and Neuter

Neutered dogs pee much less often than those that aren’t neutered. Unneutered dogs use their urine as a way of marking their territory, both indoors and outdoors. Neutering your puppy will limit its desire to do so.

Quick Cleanup

Be sure to clean up any indoor accidents quickly, using the best spot removal techniques, for a couple of reasons. For one, if the scent remains in your carpet for long, the puppy will associate the area as an appropriate spot for going to the bathroom and will continue to do so. Another reason is that pet urine is a very harmful stain and can actually permeate deep into a carpet pad, sub floor and even the surrounding walls of your home.

If housetraining takes longer than expected or you have an overwhelming number of pet urine stains throughout your home, you will want to call a professional carpet cleaner immediately. The faster a professional can treat the urine stain, the much better chance at successful results.

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