Are You Cleaning Your Cleaning Tools?

For the most part, long gone are the days that required home owners to get down on their hands and knees and scrub the floor or pick each speckle of dirt or debris out of the carpet. Today there are wonderful cleaning tools like robot vacuums, hardwood floor mops and microfiber rugs and cloths.

These cleaning tools work great. But, that also means that cleaning all that dirt makes them extremely dirty too. A dirty cleaning tool does you no good. Therefore, it’s important to take some time out of your cleaning routine to clean the tools that clean for you.

Check out these helpful tips from Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog on how to clean your vacuum, mops, brooms and cloths you use to clean your carpet and floors:

Cleaning Your Vacuum

To properly clean your vacuum cleaner you will want to remove all the hoses and attachments. The simply run a white cloth through either ends or use canned air to force out all debris or any blockages that might be present within the tubes.

You will also want to be sure to regularly rotate and clean any filters and, if you use a vacuum cleaner that has a bag attached, you will want to change it frequently, rather than waiting until it’s 100% (or 115% full).

Most importantly, rotate the brushes at the very bottom and run a cloth over them to remove all the dust and lint that can accumulate there.

Cleaning Rags & Cloths

Whether you use fancy microfiber cloths or just an old t-shirt or dish rag that’s around the house, you will want to thoroughly rinse our your cloths and rags after each use to be sure that all of the cleaning chemicals are rinsed out before their next use. Once you’ve properly rinsed the cloths and rags, you can add them to your washing machine with your other towels and similar items.

Cleaning Brooms & Mops

To clean your broom you will want to wipe down the handle with soap and water and then submerge the broom head and bristles into a sink or bucket of warm soapy water. With the bristles submerged, run your fingers through them to loosen and remove all the dirt and debris. Once you feel the broom is sufficiently clean, sit it outside to dry.

For cleaning mops, it depends on the mop head. For cotton heads, you can usually just remove the head from the mop handle and clean it in your washing machine. For mops that have sponge heads, you can usually remove the head and put it in your dishwasher or just soak it in either lemon juice or white vinegar and water for a green cleaning solution.

The better you clean your cleaning tools, the better they will clean for you and the longer you will get good use out of them. That being said, household cleaning products can only accomplish so much, whether they are cleaned or not, and sometimes you will need to call in the professionals to take care of difficult spots and deep cleaning your carpets, rugs and tile.

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