What is the Best Carpet for Basements?

Refinishing a basement can be an excellent solution for adding more space to your home in Waukesha.

Refinished basements are great for entertainment areas, home offices, home theaters, game rooms, guest bedrooms and playrooms for children.

One of the most important choices to consider when deciding to finish your basement is what type of flooring to choose, since odds are the basement features a hard, concrete floor. Some people choose vinyl or laminate floors or tile, but wall-to-wall carpeting is by far the most popular basement flooring option.

Carpet in a basement creates a warmer environment than some of the hard floor options and it also provides an element of sound proofing that tile and vinyl can’t offer. More often than not, carpet is also the cheapest flooring option. But, what type of carpet is the best for basements?

If you plan to use your refinished basement as an entertainment area for hosting parties, Green Bay Packers games and company, or as a play area for small children, you will want an extremely durable carpet, preferably nylon.

Nylon costs less than natural options and withstands wear and tear much better, particularly a low-pile nylon fiber like Berber. Be sure to check out our buying guide for nylon carpet to see all of the benefits it can provide.

You will also need to purchase a moisture-resistant carpet pad to install beneath the carpet. Obviously, basements can be subject to a lot of moisture, so you will want to spend a little extra on a carpet pad to ensure you are protecting your investment.

Also, when considering nylon carpet for your basement, you might want to look into carpet tiles. Nylon carpet tiles are slightly more expensive than traditional carpet, but already feature an adhesive backing and can installed quite easily without a professional which will save you money during the process of refinishing your basement.

Once your basement is refinished and your new nylon carpet is installed, you will want to be sure to call a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha to maintain its durability, look and performance level. Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield offers drier carpet cleaning methods with cleaner and healthier results.

The Chem-Dry process is green-certified and requires 80% less moisture than steam cleaners. The less moisture and chemicals in a basement, the better, as most basements aren’t well ventilated.

Champion Chem-Dry provides tile cleaning, upholstery cleaning and many services certain to come in handy in your home’s beautiful new basement. Call them today at (414) 545-7900!

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