How to Reduce Dust in Your Carpet and Home

Dust can be found almost anywhere in your home and can be a real problem for allergy sufferers. If you suffer from allergies, you will want to choose carpet over hardwood floor or tile. This is because carpet traps the dust within its fibers whereas smooth flooring lets the dust continue circulating throughout the air in your home.

While carpet will reduce the amount of dust in your air, it won’t reduce the amount of dust in your home. There are several filters available for purchase that can help remove dust from the air you breathe and services available to remove dust from your carpet.

Furnace Filters

Forced air in a home can generate a lot of dust and circulate it throughout the entire house. In order to prevent this, you will want a good filter system for your furnace, preferably an electricostatic model as opposed to the throw-away. Electrostatic filers are very efficient in removing dust, although they are a bit more expensive. The good news is that they only need to be cleaned once every 3-4 months as opposed to purchasing news ones throughout the year.


If you suffer severely from allergies, you might want to consider an air purifier system in your home. Some of the units can be pricy, but combined with the proper furnace filter; you can eliminate a significant amount of the contaminants within the air in your home. According to most reports, it typically takes about two months to notice the impact of an air purifying system.

Vacuum HEPA Filters

One thing to consider before purchasing a new vacuum is its filter. Canister or upright vacuums with HEPA filters are the best at removing all of the dust and contaminants out of your carpet and keeping them within the unit’s bag or storage container until you empty the unit. If your vacuum has a low-quality filter there is a good chance that the dust is circulating right through the vacuum and back into your air, making your vacuuming process highly inefficient.

Professional Cleaning

The best way to remove dust from carpet is to hire a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha. Having your carpets deep cleaned ensures that even dirt deep down in the carpet fibers is removed. If possible, be sure to call a carpet cleaning service that is green-certified in order to limit the number of contaminants entering your home during the cleaning.

Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield provides green cleaning, low-moisture methods for fantastic results. Their service requires 80% less water than steam cleaners or rental machines and greatly reduces the risk of mold or other bacteria formed in wet carpet. Their cleaning solution, The Natural®, can be found on the FDA’s G.R.A.S. list and is completely safe for children and pets and is recommended for allergy sufferers in Waukesha. Give them a call at (414) 545-7900 to schedule an appointment and clear your carpet of dust and contaminants.

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What to Consider When Buying a Vacuum Cleaner?

There are many things to consider before purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. Today’s vacuums feature multiple functions, styles and the latest and greatest technology for cleaning your home and carpet. First and foremost, you have to decide which type of vacuum cleaner is best for you:

Upright or Canister

Deciding the type of vacuum cleaner is the most important choice, but the decision doesn’t stop there. You now need to consider obvious things such as cost, brand, quality and other features important when making almost any purchase. But, there are also some things you will want to be aware related specifically to vacuum cleaners.


The size of the vacuum cleaner not only impacts the ease of use or how much it will weigh when carrying it around, but will also be relevant in terms of storage. Depending on the size of your home or the closet and storage space available, you might want to invest in smaller vacuum cleaner or a unit with the ability to fold or collapse in order to be stowed away out of site. Canisters are typically the more versatile of the two main vacuum cleaner types.


Pets aren’t afraid of vacuum cleaners because of how they look, they’re scared of them because of how loud they are. If you want to avoid a loud vacuum cleaner you will want to investigate the units decibel level when being operated. Most vacuums are around 70-75 decibels and are much quieter than the vacuums available in the 20th century. Nowadays, some of the quietest vacuum cleaners on the market operate between 60-65 decibels, which is extremely quiet.


Capacity is one of the areas where upright vacuum cleaners outshine canisters. Full-sized upright vacuums typically feature much larger dust bags or internal storage for your dirt and debris. The larger the bag or internal capacity, the less often you will have to stop vacuuming to empty out the contents of the bag. Using a vacuum with a full dust bag is a very inefficient way to clean your home and can often lead to some of the contaminants and dust filtering out of the unit and right back into your home.


Filtration should not be overlooked. If a vacuum cleaner doesn’t include a high-powered, efficient filtration system, odds are a lot of the dust you suck up will sift right out of the unit and back into the air in your home. If you or family members suffer from allergies, you will want to explore a vacuum with a HEPA filter to limit the exposure to allergens.

Vacuum cleaners are one of the most important cleaning tools for homes with carpet. Dirty carpets contain a lot of contaminants you want removed from your home and only an efficient vacuum cleaner can accomplish that on a daily basis.

For contaminants and dirt embedded in your carpet fiber, you will want to have carpets deep cleaned by a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha. Deep cleaning your carpet increases the lifespan and helps maintain the softness and beauty of your carpet.

Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield offers green-certified, drier deep cleaning services for fantastic results. Recognized in the industry, Chem-Dry methods have received The Carpet & Rug Institute Platinum Seal of Approval.

How to Choose a Vacuum: Upright or Canister?

It’s important to have the best tools for cleaning your carpet. The importance of cleaning your cleaning tools can’t be understated, but first and foremost, you want to make sure you have the right cleaning equipment. This is true when buying a new vacuum cleaner.

Vacuum cleaners are more complicated than ever with countless new attachments, features, settings and more. While some of the bells and whistles have changed over the years, the two primary vacuum styles remain the same: upright and canister.

Before deciding to purchase an upright vacuum cleaner or a canister vacuum cleaner, you will want to know the differences between the two:

Upright Vacuum Cleaners

Upright vacuums typically have a revolving brush with either one or two motors to drive the brush and provide suction. The vacuum is operated with a pushing motion as opposed to the pulling motion canisters require.

Upright vacuum cleaners are particularly useful for synthetic, manmade carpet fibers such as nylon and polyester and work extremely well on smoother, low cut piles. In fact, if the upright model allows the ability to turn off the brush, it can also be used for hardwood or tile floors.

For the most part, upright vacuums are the more traditional options between the two standard styles.

Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are largely known for their various attachments and whether or not they feature a power head or power nozzle on the base unit.

Canister vacuum cleaners without a power head simply use a suction motor and non-revolving brush to clean smoother surfaces, whereas models that feature power heads also feature revolving brushes and multiple motors.

Compared to upright vacuums, canisters are much more versatile due to their many attachments and are growing in popularity.

Canister attachments often allow the ability to clean multiple surface types, including stairs, ceiling and window panels, and can be used to clean hard to maneuver areas such as in corners or underneath furniture.

No matter the type of vacuum you choose, you want to be sure you are vacuuming the best way possible, including using a diagonal back-and-forth pattern. And, you will still want to hire a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha at least once every 12-18 months in order to deep clean the carpet fibers vacuum cleaners are unable to reach.

Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield provides a drier alternative to steam cleaners and uses 80% less water than traditional methods, resulting in carpets that dry within 1-2 hours instead of 1-2 days. Their carpet cleaning solution is non-toxic and can be found on the FDA G.R.A.S. list for its natural components and requires no soap or detergents.

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Healthy Choices for Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpet and a healthy home go hand in hand. Carpet traps dirt, dust, germs and a variety of allergens in its fibers and keeps them from floating around in the air you and your family breathes. But, you still don’t want germs and allergens in your home. In order to remove them from your carpet, you will want to choose healthy options that don’t introduce more toxins and allergens in your home.

Therefore, you will want to consider healthy alternatives for vacuuming, spot removal and professional carpet cleaning to ensure your home is at its utmost healthiest at all times.


Vacuuming is a key component to maintaining the quality and durability of your carpet and should be done regularly. Regular vacuuming removes all the dust and allergens out of your carpet and also helps the carpet retain its absorbency in order to trap the contaminants in the air. Be sure to vacuum in corners and other hard to reach places as there is the likelihood of dust buildup in those spots.

For healthy vacuuming, be sure to purchase a vacuum with a high-efficiency HEPA filter. This type of filter will significantly reduce the amount of dust you inhale while vacuuming your carpet. Some of the more advanced vacuums available include indicators to tell you when the filter needs to be changed. A new filter will perform much better than an old one. If your vacuum features a vacuum bag, be sure to change it regularly, perhaps once it is 75% full, in order to be sure that it is effectively trapping all the dust and contaminants inside. Once the bag is full, be sure to empty it in a trash can outdoors or in your garage so that the materials don’t return to your home’s air.

Spot Removal

Your first instinct when you see a spill or stain on your carpet might be to vigorously spray it with a store-bought chemical cleaner. While some of the cleaners can be effective, rarely are they the healthiest option for removing stains. First and foremost, just try dampening a white cloth with water. If you attend to the stain fast enough, it’s possible the cloth will absorb it without the need of a cleaner.

Other green alternatives include homemade white vinegar cleaning solutions, club soda or pouring table salt over the stain to absorb it directly out of the carpet fiber. These methods are not only healthier than chemicals, but much cheaper too.

Deep Cleaning

For the healthiest professional carpet cleaning in Waukesha, we recommend Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield. Champion Chem-Dry is a green cleaning service that uses 80% less water than rental carpet cleaning machines and steam cleaners and absolutely no soap. No soap means less water and less water means the carpet dries faster, which limits the potential for mold and bacteria growth that could be harmful if left unattended to.

Chem-Dry methods are green-certified with their signature cleaning solution, The Natural®, appearing on the FDA G.R.A.S. list as a 100% natural product. The Natural uses the “power of carbonation” to pull dirt from the carpet where it is whisked away. The Natural is completely pet- and family-friendly as it requires no harmful chemicals or toxins.

By limiting the potential for mold growth while abstaining from the use of chemicals, Champion Chem-Dry is easy choice for allergy sufferers throughout Waukesha.

How to Prepare for Your Carpet Cleaning Appointment

It’s very important to have your carpet professionally cleaned once every 12-18 months. If you’re looking for the best carpet cleaner in Waukesha, we recommend Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield. To book an appointment with Champion Chem-Dry, simply call (414) 545-7900 and speak to one of their friendly customer service representatives or visit

Once you’ve scheduled a time and set a date to have your carpet cleaned, there are a couple of other things you will want to take care of before the carpet cleaner arrives at your house, including potentially moving some furniture, finding somewhere for your pet to stay during the cleaning.


Most carpet cleaners are comfortable with moving items like couches, love seats, ottomans, dining chairs, coffee tables, and similar decor, however, there is some furniture they are unlikely to move.

If you want carpet beneath an entertainment center cleaned or desk, you will likely want to move those items yourself before the carpet cleaner’s arrival. If you are unable to move the furniture on your own, at the very least, remove all the electronics and other fragile items that you keep on it and then ask the carpet cleaner if they are comfortable moving the item when it is clear of your valuables and other items.

You’ll also want to be aware of cords and other items. It would be nice to have cords in order prior to the appointment as well.

Other pieces of furniture carpet cleaners are unlikely to move are beds, dressers, pianos, grandfather clocks and china cabinets. If you aren’t sure whether or not you need to move a piece of furniture before your appointment, you can ask when scheduling or call back at any time.


Another thing to consider before your appointment is what to do with your pet while the carpet cleaner is in your home. All methods of carpet cleaning require some moisture, although Chem-Dry requires 80% less than steam cleaners, which means you won’t want to have your pet walking on it throughout the cleaning.

Also, carpet cleaners have to enter and exit your home many times throughout an appointment and sometimes prop the door open for a minute or two at a time. In order to be sure your pet doesn’t run out the door, you will want to keep it in your backyard or in a room that isn’t scheduled to be cleaned.

Champion Chem-Dry is happy to move most types of furniture during your appointment, and even offers upholstery cleaning as well. You will be happy to know that the Chem-Dry carpet cleaning methods is green-certified using all natural solutions that are completely harmless to pets and your family so your pet can be on your carpet again within 1-2 hours after the appointment when it is dry.

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