Understanding Upholstery Cleaning Codes

Whenever possible, it is best to prevent furniture and upholstery stains as some upholstery can be very difficult to clean and might require a professional cleaner in Waukesha to do so.

To prevent furniture stains, you will want to vacuum your upholstery regularly and you might want to consider purchasing a slip cover or arm rests.

Unfortunately though, even your best efforts at preventing furniture stains will probably come up short at times considering how frequently furniture is used in a home, especially in a home with pets and children.

In the event of a spill, you will want to react fast and know exactly how proceed in order to clean up the stain. For some more serious stains, such as wine or marker, you might want to consider immediately calling a professional like Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield. For more basic stains, you will want to review your furniture’s upholstery cleaning code.

Upholstery cleaning codes are found on tags that are typically located somewhere out of sight on the furniture. Usually you can find the tag beneath a cushion or attached to the bottom of one of the cushions. Upholstery cleaning codes indicate exactly what cleaning solutions to use to clean the furniture based on the fabric. Here are examples of the codes you might find on the tag:

W: If you see a “W” on the tag, that means you will only want to clean the upholstery fabric using a water-based cleaning solution or detergent.

S: A “S” on the tag indicates that the fabric should only be cleaned with a water-free solution, such as a dry cleaning solvent of some type.

WS (or SW): Furniture that is marked “WS” is the best type of furniture if you intend to clean your furniture yourself or have children or pets and anticipate a lot of spills and stains. “WS” means that the upholstery fabric can be cleaned with either a water-based or water-free cleaning solution.

X: Don’t attempt to clean furniture where a “X” is present on the tag. A “X” upholstery cleaning code means that the fabric can only be cleaned by a professional cleaner. Furniture that is marked “X” should be reserved for more decorative purposes and are not ideal for homes with children or pets.

If you can’t find the tag on your furniture or if it was removed at some point, you will want to test both water-based and water-free cleaning solutions on an inconspicuous area of the furniture. Perhaps the back of the furniture if it faces the wall? Once you have determined which solution is safe to use, you can feel free to clean the stain.

As mentioned above, for harsher stains such as markers, wine, red juice or others, you will likely want to consider calling a professional like Champion Chem-Dry. If your furniture has a “X” upholstery cleaning code, you will need to call a professional.

Champion Chem-Dry uses low-moisture methods and first-rate equipment and experience to expertly clean carpet, tile and upholstery in Waukesha. Their solution requires no soap and is green-certified, making it 100% safe for children and pets.

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