How to Remove Grass Stains from Carpet

Summer is all about being outdoors all day long. Kids play in grass while adults complete yard work and even do some gardening.

But, at some point, you do have to come inside for lunch or bathroom breaks or to go to bed at night, and when you come in the house, odds are you bring some dirt and debris with them, including grass and grass stains.

Grass can be a difficult stain to remove because it acts as a pigment that has the potential to dye the carpet or fabric it comes into contact with. The pigments can form a quick bond with the materials they rub off on; therefore you will want to act even faster to successfully remove grass stains from your carpet.


Before attempting to remove the stain with any kind of solution or cleaning product, you will want to try to use suction to remove any clumps of grass or physical debris attached to the stain. Use a suction attachment if possible since there is a chance that the rotator brush in the actual vacuum could further rub the grass stain into the carpet.

Blot with a White Cloth

Once you have suctioned as much of the grass stain as possible, you will want to blot the stain on your carpet with water and a white cloth. Be sure not to use a colored cloth or one with a lot of patterns so as to avoid those colors seeping into the stain and your carpet. It’s important to blot and not rub or scrub the stain. Harsh rubbing and scrubbing can wear down the carpet fibers and push the stain deeper into the fabric. Worn, stained carpet is much more difficult to clean and maintain.

Monitor the white cloth to see just how much of the stain you are removing. If the cloth continues to get greener and the color expands, you are having success with the water and shouldn’t need to involve other solutions or cleaners. If there is still some grass remaining, you will want to move forward.

White Vinegar

White vinegar is one of our favorite recommendations for cleaning most carpet stains. The vinegar has no long-term effects on the carpet and typically a lot of success in removing stains. Apply some white vinegar to a different clean, white cloth and dab the stain with the solution. The white vinegar should remove the grass stain from the carpet.

Other recommended solutions include dish soap or powdered detergent.

Professional Cleaning

Household vacuum cleaners and homemade solutions are often successful, but don’t offer the same strength as professional carpet cleaning equipment and techniques. If you are having trouble removing the grass stain, you will want to call Waukesha carpet cleaners to help you.

Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield provides high-quality methods with a history of fantastic results. Their equipment has received the Platinum Seal of Approval from The Carpet & Rug Institute and their cleaning solution, The Natural, can be found on the FDA’s GRAS list for eco-friendly cleaning products.

There is almost no stain that Champion Chem-Dry hasn’t seen so you can feel confident you are calling experienced experts and professionals. Call them today at (414) 545-7900 or visit for more information on their drier, cleaner, healthier carpet cleaning system.

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