How to Remove Milk from Carpet

There are three guarantees in life for any parent: death, taxes and milk spilled all over your home. Milk will be spilled on your clothes, on your furniture and almost certainly on your carpet far too often.

Whoever said “there’s no use crying over spilled milk” must not have had children and beautiful carpets in their home.

It’s OK to cry a little bit if you or your children spill milk on the carpet. We won’t tell anyone. But, if you do… do it fast because the best way to clean spilled milk is to do it as fast as possible.

Here are the best methods for removing milk stains from carpet:

Liquid Dishwashing Detergent

Before applying any kind of cleaner or chemical to your carpet, we always recommend attempting to blot up the stain using just water and a plain white cloth. In the case of milk, if water doesn’t work, we’d recommend liquid dishwashing detergent.

Pretest the detergent on a discrete area of your carpet. Assuming there is no damage or staining (there shouldn’t be), mix a tablespoon of the liquid hand dishwashing detergent with two cups of warm water.

Now, dab a plain, white cloth with the detergent solution and being to blot the stain, pressing gently at first. Continue to blot the stain until all of the milk is absorbed off of the carpet.

You might have to repeat the process two or three times before successful, but ultimately, being that milk is a liquid-based stain, it shouldn’t be extremely difficult.


If the liquid hand dishwashing detergent doesn’t get the job done and the milk stain is still on your carpet, it’s time to give a little ammonia a shot.

Ammonia is harsher than the detergent so be conservative in your use of it and be sure not to mix it with bleach or other chemicals to avoid creating harmful fumes.

Similar to the detergent, mix the ammonia with two cups of hot water and then dab a new plain, white cloth into the solution.

Blot the milk stain with the solution two or three times. Once the milk has been absorbed, soak the stain in cold water and then blot dry it.

Spoiled Milk Odor

Sometimes even if you are able to remove the milk on your carpet, a spoiled odor will remain. There are a couple of ways to eliminate the smell of spoiled milk on your carpet, but we recommend using white vinegar.

You can either place a bowl of white vinegar next to the area where the milk stain was which will absorb and eliminate the odor or you can spray or apply white vinegar directly to your carpet.

As mentioned regularly throughout Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog, white vinegar is one of the best all-natural household ingredients for removing common carpet stains and odors.

Professional Carpet Cleaners

After awhile, once enough milk has been spilled on your carpet, you will eventually want to hire a professional carpet cleaner in Waukesha to help permanently remove any stains created deep within the carpet fibers.

Champion Chem-Dry has experience in removing milk stains and many others carpet spots using drier, cleaner and healthier methods than traditional steam cleaners. Carpet dries in one or two hours and there are no harsh chemicals, making Champion Chem-Dry the perfect choice for homes with children.

For more information, visit Champion Chem-Dry online or call (414) 545-7900 to learn about their services.

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