Tips to Remove Nail Polish From Carpet

Alright. Ladies, tell me if you have been here before. You sit down on the couch and rest your nail polish on a nearby coffee or side table, get distracted, turn around, bump your nail polish with your hand or elbow and knock it onto your carpet spilling it in the process?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Sometimes it almost feels as though an open nail polish bottle is magnetically attracted to carpet. There’s no science to prove it, but it seems to often be the case.

If you have recently spilled nail polish on your carpet and are attempting to remove it yourself, here are a few ideas that might remove the carpet stain:

Hair Spray

Hair spay isn’t often associated with cleaning, but in terms of removing nail polish from carpet or carpet tiles, it’s been known to work.

First, spray the hair spray on a less visible portion of your carpet, perhaps behind a piece of furniture, under a rug or in a corner (or, even better, if you have carpet scraps remaining from when it was installed, use those). This is to test to make sure that the hair spray doesn’t also produce a stain on your carpet.

Second, pour a generous amount of water on the nail polish on your carpet to get it soaking wet. Once the stain is completely wet, spray it 10-15 times with the same hair spray you just tested.

After that, you will want to blot and gently scrub the stain with a plain white cloth for maybe two to three minutes. Make sure the cloth is white so that no colors or dye seep into the stain.

Repeat the process until the nail polish carpet stain is gone.

Window Cleaner

Window cleaner for windows? Sure. For carpet? You’d be surprised how well it works.

Same as the hair spray, you will want to test the window cleaner on a discrete portion of carpet prior to spraying it onto the nail polish stain. Then blot the stain with a wet, plain white cloth to absorb and remove excess amounts of nail polish.

Now apply the window cleaner to the nail polish on your carpet and gently blot and scrub in a circular motion in order to remove the stain.

Following this process, you will want to rinse the nail polish stain with more water and then blot and dry with a white cloth.

Non-Acetone Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover to remove nail polish? OK. This probably makes sense, although you might not have thought to use it on your carpet.

Once again, test the non-acetone nail polish remover on a less-visible portion of your carpet or on a carpet scrap. If it doesn’t stain or damage the carpet, proceed.

Now soak the stain in water and blot and gently scrub to remove excess amounts of the nail polish. Then apply the non-acetone nail polish remover to the carpet stain. The stain should start to dissolve and lift with very little pressure or scrubbing required on your part.

If none of these methods remove the nail polish from your carpet, don’t get discouraged. Nail polish carpet stains are nasty and can be tough to remove, especially if not treated immediately.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Perhaps consider calling a professional carpet cleaner in Orange County, such as Champion Chem-Dry in Brookfield?

Champion Chem-Dry has years of experience removing countless kinds of stains from carpet, including nail polish. Their technicians are highly trained to ensure their methods won’t harm your carpets and their equipment is industry-recognized among the best.

To schedule a carpet cleaning appointment, call Champion Chem-Dry at (414) 545-7900 or visit our website for more information on carpet cleaning services.

What is Carpet Wear?

You hear a lot about red wine carpet stains or other food and liquid stains on carpet. Waukesha Carpet Cleaning Blog has focused a lot on pet urine stain removal and how harmful pet urine can be for carpet. In the world of Waukesha Carpet Cleaning, those are the flashier forms of dirty carpet. The highlight reel of carpet stains, if you will.

But, food, liquid and urine stains aren’t the most common form of carpet stain or the most harmful. Basic carpet wear is the most common form of dirty carpet and can be the most harmful too.

What is basic carpet wear?

Carpet wear is the gradual process of carpet fibers, carpet pads and carpet backings breaking down and deteriorating over time due to soil deposits and buildup within the carpet.

Carpet wear is visible in the form of matted carpet that tends to appear dirtym discolored and darker than the surrounding carpet areas.

Carpet wear is most common in heavier traffic areas such as hallways or the entryway from one room to another. It’s very common to see carpet wear in areas where the flooring changes from hardwood or tile to carpet and is probably most evident from the kitchen to a carpeted living room or dining room.

Shuffling feet or areas where abrupt turns in traffic are often subject to carpet wear too. This is common in rooms where you need to immediately turn once entering to perhaps avoid a piece of furniture or wall. The shuffling and turning puts additional stress on the carpet.

The process of carpet wear occurs from soil deposits and dirt reaching your carpet. All carpet is subject to soil deposits and dirt. It is impossible to avoid. The most common source of dirt and soil is the bottom of your feet or from a pet in your home.

Once the soil is on the surface of your carpet, the foot traffic then presses the soil deeper into the carpet fibers and the carpet pad. It is a grinding motion that wears on the fibers and the appearance of the carpet.

Every time you step or shuffle on your carpet, you are further pushing the soil deeper into the carpet and grinding it into the fiber.

Carpet wear is inevitable, but it can be drastically slowed down with proper care and routine professional Waukesha carpet cleaning.

To slow down the process of carpet wear, be sure to vacuum your carpet multiple times throughout the week. If your schedule permits, it is recommended that you vacuum heavier traffic areas once a day, especially in homes with pets or children.

You can also slow down carpet wear by requiring that your family and guests do not wear shoes in your home. Outdoor contaminants on the bottom of shoes are one of the most common forms of soil deposits found in carpet.

You can also rearrange furniture on a regular basis to change the traffic pattern of a carpeted room and consider placing rugs at the entryways of rooms or in front of furniture. Rugs are much easier to replace than carpet should the rug start to see the effects of wear.

Carpet Cleaning Waukesha

Outside of vacuuming and rearranging furniture, regular professional carpet cleaning is extremely important to slow down the process of carpet wear.

Professional carpet cleaning, or deep cleaning carpet, is important because it removes the soil deposits and dirt that are deeply embedded within the carpet fibers and pad unseen to the human eye and inaccessible to basic home vacuum cleaners.

Champion Chem-Dry uses drier, cleaner and healthier methods to remove soil deposits and slow down carpet wear. The Hot Carbonated Extraction system (HCE) is recognized by The Carpet & Rug Institute with their seal approval and the primary cleaning solution, The Natural®, is green-certified and can be found on the FDA GRAS list.

Scheduling a carpet cleaning appointment with Champion Chem-Dry once every 12 months will go a long way toward maintaining the initial quality of your carpet and slowing harmful carpet wear.

Champion Chem-Dry serves Brookfield, Menomonee Falls, New Berlin, Mequon and surrounding South Eastern WI cities with carpet cleaning, tile cleaning and upholstery cleaning.

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